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BC Oceanfront Realtors Ed Handja & Shelley McKay - waterfront properties & BC islands for sale

The BC Oceanfront Real Estate Team

The BC Oceanfront Real Estate Team loves to bring people to the coast and introduce people to the coastal lifestyle. All members of the team live an active coastal lifestyle, and they bring that passion for the coast to all that they do in the BC Oceanfront office. With a team in the office, you can be sure that someone is always at hand to answer questions and lend assistance.

Ed Handja - Personal Real Estate Corporation

With over 20 years of experience in coastal real estate Ed brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to all his real estate dealings. As someone who has spent his life working and traveling extensively on the BC Coast, Ed loves to have his feet on the ground and has extensive connections in the world of coastal properties. He is known for his integrity and attention to detail in introducing people to properties, making sure everyone has all the information needed to make informed decisions. With his own recreational property on the west coast of Vancouver Island, Ed lives the lifestyle he is proud to market.


Shelley McKay - Personal Real Estate Corporation

Shelley lives the coastal lifestyle with her family, loving to camp, fish, hunt and generally enjoy the outdoors however they can. She has been a resident of Campbell River for the past 25 years and has been partnered with Ed Handja and the BC Oceanfront Team since 2003. Shelley brings a deep sense of integrity and a depth of knowledge to all her real estate dealings, and her understanding and skill in dealing with the contractual and logistic side of real estate dealings make the office run smoothly. She is committed to providing clients with the highest standard of care and professional service.

The BC Oceanfront administrative assistants provide real estate, marketing and communications expertise as well as a depth of knowledge about Campbell River and the BC Coast. They each have individual strengths and together help the office run smoothly when Ed and Shelley are out in the field.


Kate Morgan - Office Manager (Unlicensed Assistant)

Kate joined the team in 2011. She has a Bachelor of Journalism degree and 20+ years of working in writing, editing and business. As well as office administration, Kate handles advertising, marketing and communications. She is an avid amateur photographer and explorer of local trails and beaches and also enjoys camping and exploring Vancouver Island with her family. She moved with her family to Campbell River from Victoria in 2002. 


Jennifer Lukacz - Client Portfolio Coordinator (Unlicensed Assistant)

Jennifer joined the team in the summer of 2014. She works on preparing files, documents and information packages, researching properties and updating our websites. She has a solid background in project coordination, production management and graphic design, along with a diploma in business management. Jenn has lived in Campbell River since 1990 and loves exploring and hiking any trail she can find.