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Centre Island, Esperenza Inlet, Nootka Sound

Centre Island, Esperenza Inlet, Nootka Sound

Centre Island is one of the most substantial private islands on the west coast of Vancouver Island, located in Esperanza Inlet which is along the northwest shore of Nootka Island. The island is only 2.5 miles from the entrance of Esperanza Inlet which provides immediate access to the open west coast and some of the best fishing, kayaking and exploring territory available.

Centre island is approximately 110 acres, with over 15,000ft of magnificent and diverse oceanfront encompassing numerous little bays, peninsulas, and bluffs. The topography is as interestingly diverse as the shoreline, from high vantage points reaching to 95ft on the south end and 175ft on the north end, to level areas. The island is fully treed throughout. It was logged approx. 30 years ago with mature timber left along the shoreline and throughout some of the inner portions. The cut areas have regenerated nicely.

The views take in all of Esperanza Inlet, as well as north up Espinosa Inlet. They encompass the beautiful natural surroundings and the Vancouver Island mountain range, which is snow-capped in the winter.

There is an established road base network throughout much of the island from previous logging activity. Sections have been cleared and other parts could be reactivated.

The middle of the island is where the road networks converge, leading to the two most significant and protected bays on the island, providing good access. One of the bays has a bulkhead constructed while the other to the west has a gradual sloped small rock beach. Both allow for the easy loading and offloading of equipment, supplies and material.

Also in this location are two significant-sized ponds which hold year-round water. One of the ponds is referred to as a small lake and the other smaller pond is spring-fed and consistently replenishing. The larger of the ponds does drop a few feet over the year however always retains a significant amount of water. There are other smaller ponds throughout the island.

The existing improvements are also located in this middle section of the island. This is a multi-purpose structure that is basic, yet very functional with a simple exterior appearance but nicely finished inside and out with cedar. The building combines a workshop and a comfortable one room living accommodation.

The living space includes a wood-fired Monarch cookstove plus a small kitchen area with counters, cabinets and a propane stove. A hallway with lots of storage space and set-in window seats leads from the living space to the washroom facilities with a composting toilet in its own separate room and a bathing area with a clawfoot tub as well as a washer and dryer. There is propane on-demand hot water. Lots of windows throughout make for a bright, welcoming space.

There is a complement of material and equipment on the property, including floatation, fuel tanks, inventory of boom logs, a bank of 6 batteries, miscellaneous tools and building materials.

Some larger machinery is on the island, including a 210 Linkbelt excavator with attachments and a Mighty Mite sawmill, which can be acquired if the buyer is interested.

There is no specific applicable zoning for Centre Island. This gives the opportunity for numerous development possibilities such as a private retreat or family legacy property, subdivision, or a commercial resort-type development. It would be ideal for a group purchase.

The current improvements provide for comfortable accommodations and would also be a benefit as a staging area for further development.

Although the BC coast has thousands of islands and islets, only a very small percentage are privately owned. Even fewer are available on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This offering provides an opportunity to pick up one of the true jewels of the west coast.

There are three primary access points. Gold River is approx. 40 nautical miles out Muchalat Inlet and then up Tahsis Inlet through Tahsis Narrows into Esperanza. There is paved road access to the Gold River boat launch. The second and third access points both have paved and then forest service road access. These are Tahsis (Tahsis Inlet) which is 15 nautical miles away and Zeballos which is 12 nautical miles away. There is fuel service in both Tahsis and Zeballos as well as a few other basic services and amenities.  

Nuchatlitz Provincial Marine Park, 2,135-hectares in size, is located on the western tip of Nootka Island, between Nuchatlitz and Esperanza inlets. This protected park area incorporates a range of terrestrial, tidal and marine environments and provides protection for indigenous flora as well as vital habitat for marine and land dwelling mammals.

The fishing in this region is outstanding and some of the best open west coast fishing is just around the corner. The waters offer an abundance of large Chinook salmon as well as some of the smaller salmon species and an impressive variety of bottom and deep-sea fish from halibut, red snapper and lingcod to prawns and salt-water varieties of crab.

This region of the West Coast of Vancouver Island is known for its rugged and remote landscapes, dramatic outer reefs, long expanses of pristine beaches and wide variety of indigenous wildlife. Marine wildlife in this area includes killer whales (Orca), gray whales, seals, porpoises and sea otters as well as an abundance of black bear, cougar, deer and other land dwelling species. The stunning scenery attracts anglers, kayakers, divers, campers and outdoor adventure enthusiasts to the area.

$1,790,000 (CAD)
890334 / 890543
Square Ft.
Year Built
Water (boat or float plane)
$4,105.42 (2021)
Property Influences
Private setting
Mountain view
Ocean view
Waterfront ocean
Walk on waterfront
Private island

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