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Nootka Island, Plumper Harbour Shellfish Tenure

Nootka Island, Plumper Harbour Shellfish Tenure

This 3.7 acre intertidal beachfront tenure has been actively farmed for over 20 years by the same grower. It is located in the protected waters of Plumper Harbour, on Kendrick Inlet in Nootka Sound, off the west coast of Vancouver Island.

This is a well known and productive ocean harvest region, with boat access from Gold River, Tahsis or Zeballos on Vancouver Island. The farm tenure location is on the north end of Plumper Harbour and faces Matute Island to the east.

The farm is limited in height and cannot exceed equipment, netting, etc of 14 inches. This is to the benefit of the upland property owners. The license just expired in April 2021, but the seller has already initiated renewal and has correspondence with the government to that effect.

The farm grows both oysters and clams. The southern part is clam ground on the lower section with oysters above the clam nets, further up the beach.  The center and northern parts are rocky oyster ground, which grows beautifully shaped oysters with excellent meat.  There is little crab predation and the wind impact is minimal.  

There is about one acre of clam ground, most of which is protected by predation nets. There is a significant standing crop and this existing inventory will be available to the new owner to harvest.  At a minimum, the ground should have 3 to 5 pounds of clams per meter and likely more.

There is enough oyster ground here to comfortably grow out 500,000 single oysters from seed to small size, 3 to 4 inch of body cup. The last seed bought for this farm was 300,000 3/8 inch single oysters on June 18, 2019. The survival has been reasonable and that crop should be ready for harvest this fall, likely in December, January and February, with an expected return of about 20,000 dozen with a value of $75,000 spread over two seasons. There are also odds and ends of other crops in a variety of sizes.

The current management plan was crafted by Aquabusiness Management Ltd following a site survey in 1995. The sellers have never changed it as it works well. There is really not a lot to change; put seed on the beach, rescue any oysters that blow too far up the beach, harvest and sell. The renewal of the license of occupation will require an update to the management plan and the sellers would be happy to advise a new buyer on the process.

This a productive, straight-forward shellfish farm site, with current stock and limited equipment (predation nets) required. The seller has expressed willingness to work with a new buyer to facilitate a smooth transition.

$90,000 (CAD)
Water (boat or float plane)

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