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Quatsino, E-420 Quatsino Road

Quatsino, E-420 Quatsino Road

This 20 acre parcel located in Quatsino is a great consideration for a rural acreage in the north Vancouver island region. The Village of Quatsino is a quaint, 120 year old historic coastal, boat-access community situated almost in the centre of Vancouver Island in the heart of four substantial inlets which make up the region of Quatsino Sound.

Both this and the neighbouring 20 acre property are available. The properties have a diverse friendly topography and are fully forested with approximately 35-year-old hemlock and cedar. Jackson Creek meanders along the property line between the two acreages providing for a beautiful habitat as well as additional privacy between the acreages. From the western, back property line it is approximately 1900ft through crown land and forest to Colony Lake.

Both properties have substantial constructed driveways leading to an upper plateau. These provide great privacy and sun exposure.

There is hydro-electric power available at the road and each property has its own drilled well for domestic water.

Quatsino is a boat access only community with a local road running approximately 8km from the north east to the south west end of the village. Public moorage facilities are available in Bergh Cove which is approx. 2 km from the properties.

This is extremely good value for a large homestead acreage with a complement of services and beautiful natural features.

Quatsino is a historical boat-access coastal community founded in the late 1800s, with a current population of approximately 40 year-round residents plus a complement of part-time and seasonal vacationers. Quatsino Sound is situated 12 miles south of Port Hardy and only 5 miles south from Coal Harbour by boat. The community is serviced with a local road, hydro electricity and telephone (both land line and cell service).

Quatsino Sound, a great west coast frontier easily accessible for the outdoor enthusiast and avid sport-fisherman, offers a great variety of activities throughout the network of protected inlets and the access to the open west coast. As well there are numerous rivers and lakes abundant with trout, steelhead and spawning salmon in the fall. Seventeen miles to the southwest out Quatsino Sound is the open west coast of Vancouver Island that offers spectacular fishing for salmon, halibut and other species. The marine life and other wildlife in addition to the beauty of the west coast are unsurpassed, as is the access to the open water of the Pacific Ocean. 

$116,500 (CAD)
Water (boat or float plane)
Drilled well
$140.35 (2020)
Property Influences
Private setting
Mountain view

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